Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) -English Aunt

This is where you should answer the most common questions prospective users might have. It’s a good idea to cover things like What is, What Software is needed to talk with peoples? , Is Free? , How it works? , etc. Check out the examples below.

Better English equals more opportunities!

If You want to learn English ,Our Website is made just for you.

Find English Speaking Partner Online Free Through Skype & Whatsapp.

What is

This is a English Learning website to find English Speaking partner Online to practice English through skype & Whatsapp, people from all around the world are here to Practice English!

What Software is needed to practice English with peoples?

At this time due to the popularity or mostly used software we support Skype & Whatsapp to interact with People.

Is Free?

Yes, you can enjoy this website free!,You can Share this Website to Your Friends & family to learn english.

How it works?

Go to the Active User list and click over Skype & Whatsapp Icon to get his/her Skype & Whatsapp contact, then Text/Audio Call/Video Call the person. You can also fill your Information in “Something About You” Section and put yourself in the list, then wait for someone to text/call you.

Will I remain listed if I Closed the website?

No, you are removed from the list as soon as you close the website or after Somtime. You’ll be in the list as long as ‘Show me in the list’ checkbox is checked and the website is open. Navigation between our website pages will keep you listed.You can simply hide yourself from the user list as you remove the nick name from the user description tab.

If you have any other questions which is not listed here than feel free to contact us.