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Most Important tips to speak English fluently

This question is troubling many people, All peoples want to learn English to enhance his communication skills & career. Do You Know it is easy to learn English? We just have to do the regular practice of English with the given methods.
You must have heard that ” Practice Makes Mens Perfect “, there will be many people who enthusiastically start learning English but after a few days they become bored because they can not learn to speak English even after a lots of hard work, The reason behind this is that they do not know the right way to learn English so that they do not learn properly.

Guys, Even Hard work done by donkeys but you would have seen what they would get, we had to do smart work here, that is, to learn English correctly.To learn any language there are four phases 1) Listening 2) Speaking 3) Reading  4) Writing. 

These are essential things and the most important thing is that when a child learns to speak then he is fluent in speaking first, after that he begins to read and write after that.The Language teaching natural order is 1) Listening 2) Speaking 3) Reading then 4) Writing.

When you learn a second language, then you have to learn that language and learn it in a natural order like listening, speaking, reading, but we have to change this order which is the reading, listening, speaking and then writing, this order of Learning English will be quite easy.

Do not Give Hope While Learning English ‘Keep Trying And Trying, One Day You Will Get Success‘ There will be a mistake but do not be confused, everything we learn by mistake, so remember one thing that the learners continue to go ahead and laughers will never go ahead.

How to Speak English? English Speaking & Learning Tips

1) Listening Tips

1. Listen to the Movie: Friends, you will now have to watch an English Movie instead of Hindi or any other Movie.

2. Listen to the news: Watch English News also, this will increase your knowledge and you will also be able to learn English Easily.

3. Listen to the Song:  If you listen to Hindi songs then listen to English songs at its place, you will not get any idea in the beginning but gradually your mind will adopt it.

4. Multitasking:  Keep your mobile and pen drive in English movie and audio. You can listen to English when you are doing some other work, in the beginning you will not get any idea but if you want to understand the word’s emotions, then It will be easy for you to learn & understand the language. Always listen to English of your interest.

5. Practice, Practice, Practice: As with any skill, learning to listen takes practice. If you’re aware of your poor listening habits, make a conscious effort to sincerely listen to others every day

2) Reading Tips

1. Reading News Paper:  This will increase your general knowledge and your English will be also good and If you want to take advantage of it, then read the newspaper loudly, It will improve your reading as well as your pronunciation.

2. Comics: Those people who think their English level is very low, they can read comics & other interesting English books.

3. Subtitles:  When we watch a movie, then on many TV channels, with the English Movie, whatever they speaks, hi wording also comes in, you see it specially. It is very helpful to learn English.

4. Visualization:Visualize what you read in your mind.It will also help you great to learn English quickly.

5. Read Regularly:  Even if you read a little bit, but read it every day and Do not leave where you get an opportunity to read English, like something written on the board, you have bought some item written on its packet etc. and so on.

3) Think in English

1. Self Talk:  Start speaking with yourself in English, that you are the only one who can help you to learn English, for this you can use your home mirror, stand in front of the mirror & Practicing English,one of the major advantage of this exercise is that you can see how your body language works while speaking English and You can improve it.

2. Translate Movie and Serials:  When you were watching Hindi or other language  movie or serial then translate it into English, this will greatly benefit you to learn English Language.

3. Choose Self Topic: Give a topic every day to speak to yourself and speak on it, like on a story, actor, sport, corruption,customs,lifestyle, you can give yourself such a different topic to speak.

4. Think in English:Whatever we think, We think only in our colloquial language, but it is now very helpful to start thinking in English.

4) More practice of English By

1.  You can find English speaking partner or friend to practicing English on www.englishaunt.com. You just register here your basic information & can talk to native users in English.

2. You can use such as Skype & Yahoo messenger on this websites, or you can do English practice with them tools, Who want to chat to in English they can also chat on this website & can improve your writing skills.

3. Even if you have a chance to speak in English, do not leave it. Do not be afraid of people, “the biggest disease is what people will say” ? “You start Speaking, which is not understood, it’s their problem. “

4. For Vocabulary: The English word you learn from your local language & Memorize these words in English. You should learn 10 words daily & make 5 sentences to each word daily and visualize the picture of that sentence in mind.

5. For Grammar: Read Sentence again and again to understand its structure.Do not read too much to Grammar, if you want to pass the exam then study grammar hard but if you want to be fluent in speaking English, than learn English without grammar much more, more grammar will slow you in speaking English because you will think its correct grammar before speaking in English.Remember that only 20% of the English speakers who know all the grammar rules.You only learn grammar till you understand the formulation of sentence.When we talk in our local language, do we think that I have not spoken right to the sentence grammatically, i think no,  right? Then why we thnk in English?
But if want to pass exam than you must go through the grammar test to know your grammar level

Grammar test 1
Grammar test 2

6. Talk Slowly and Carefully: Do not try to speak English correctly from the first day, English will gradually get better and speed will also increase. In starting try to speak slowly.

7. You can use the dictionary for the  word pronunciation because it also contains the option of the pronunciation check.

8.  Make English Environment around you.

9.  If you want to learn English quickly, you can join a good spoken English classes, the big advantage of this will be that you will get expert advice.

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